Addendum 5: Tyranid Propulsion

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This File contains theories which as yet are unproved and somewhat unorthodox, please consider them carefully beforetaking any actions based therein.

Excerpts from an address to the council of Magoson New Hallefus by MB:Alkian

Ever since the first encounters with the tyranid hive fleets debate has raged about how these creatures are able to move across the vastness of space.  It is well established that the tyranids maintain a sort of collective consciousness which allowsthe actions of the smallest members of the race to carry out the will ofthe whole.  It is here we find the one most plausible source of theirability to move within the immaterial realm of warp space.
REF: Teleportation can be performed by sufficiently trained psychics
REF: Teleportation places one in close proximity to if not wholly within the realm of warp space.
REF: The dangers of interaction with <DELETEDBY ORDER OF INQUISITION>

Thus I submit to you that the following is quite possibly the general method employed by the hivefleets, if not the specific mechanism of it.

HIVEMIND <MBf:/Tyranid/Warp Disturbance/Travel>

Consider for the moment that the whole of warp space is like unto a great pool of water.  If you were to throw asmall pebble in, it will create ripples which radiate out in all directions until they loose energy or impart said energy upon something else. In my theory I will make analogies to his in order to deal with the insubstantial and esoteric nature of the warp in terms easily understood by all in attendance.

The warp ripple or wave  associated with the advance of tyranid fleets is a result of the theorized motive force behind the swarms movement.  Gathered data, scant though it is, has led us to believe that the primary propulsion system employed by the tyranid fleet is the Boleean Shunt.  The power of the Boleean Shunt is to affect a significant vertical "fold" within warp space, and slip "forward"down the slope towards the destination.  During the early years of warp technology several forays were taken down this path, but the difficulties forced the Imperium to abandon it.  The Boleean Shunt is a psychic manifestation of intense power, capable of creating, “a rip tide within warp space upon which the source would ride to the destination.” The dangers of the warp are too great to attempt this with human psykers,most test subjects died or worse.  However the bow wave or tidal surge,preceding the shunt is the source of the interference experienced by astropaths in proximity to the hive fleet. It is also the reason ships encountering this while within warp space are often thrown out of the realm or moved off course  by the event   The natural state of flux within the immaterial realm of the warp is substantial, but when subjected to the collective psychic power of billions upon billions of tyranids all in perfect synchronicity the affects would be staggering.  The typical reported post contact onset for the warp disturbance is 7 Terran days. Imagine if you will the size of a storm capable of creating a surge preceding it by 7 days.   Evacuation of all critical resources should be initiated immediately.  Every effort should be made to outdistance the Wave in order to request imperial navy assistance.  Commencement of any doomsday procedures is advised. <Ref:MBf/Tyranid/planetary/consumption >

This nearly inconceivable amount of psychic energy is produced by the sum wills of each and every "aware" tyranid creature.  Within the brains of dissected tyranids we discovered a truncated organ which was later identified to be the location of the "HIVEMIND" relay centers,transmitters and amplification arrays.  All this takes place in the wide range of frequencies and amplitudes collectively known as the Psionic:sub/spacewave range. Consider a source signal, X broadcast narrow beam from billions upon billions of hive ships, drones, and smaller tyranids.  In perfect synchronicity, simultaneously resonating into the warp, distorting its very fabric potentially time and or space.  The unexplained mass loss upon planets divested by tyranids and the sub molecular degradation of unknown origin, can be explained it the material has been ripped from real space and taken into the warp, for reasons unknown to us.  This psychic effect would leave traces and analysis of the crust samples from Dalki-Primeas well as ancient records from Tyran and others indicate 76% likelihood of significant warp/real space distortion WITHIN the very samples analyzed. Why the tyranids do not make significant use of this power in direct conflict is a matter of some conjecture among my colleagues but suffice to say we feel they the Warp Blasts of the zoanthrope are merely the tiniest spark compared to the supernova of power held within the collective psyche of the hive fleets.

Outside the warp, tyranid ships are nimble and utilize greatly diminished propulsion.  Theoretically they employ a psychic manipulation of their own psychic warp signature and the event horizon of warp space to "slip".  Gaining impetus from gravity wells and  solar winds they ride within the subtle energy fields of systems. The power required to allow this however is staggering and it is thought that they should be unable to carry on protracted action without returning to some location for sustenance. It is also thought that a great deal of solar energy is absorbed as they approach the system, allowing the bioships to roust the hibernating tyranids from their slumber.

I humbly await this learned panels opinion on the correct course of action to take regarding the Great Wyrms directive of investigation into the tyranid race.
Magos Biologis Alkian, Dictator Psychic Research New Hallefus