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Adeptus Mechanicus Data File System

Space Marine Drop Pod, Marine Drop Pod [STC67D651] Technologies: A Brief Synopsis

If your artificers require the SCT for these the Techno Magus of Mars can grant your techmarines access to the relevant materials by going through proper channels.

Drop pods used by the marine legions have several integral systems which allow for the efficient and swift deployment of marines from low orbit. These include but are not limited to.

  1. Heat resistant shielding
  2. Composite ablative armor plate (jettisoned upon firing retros)
  3. Retro rockets
  4. Gyroscopic attitude stabilizers.
  5. Some dop pods also include a gel which fills the inner chamber helping to cushion impacts and landing.

All these combine to allow the pod to freefall at terminal velocity through the upper atmosphere defenses. Armor plates help to protect them while they are in danger from the AA defensive fire. Once they reach the critical height the retro thrusters fire blowing the armor plates off the pod and generating 3-5 g's of force within the pod. In the last small section of the drop these retos slow the decent to a survivable speed. When the pod impacts the ground, stabilized by the gyroscopic rings, the inner gel prevents the contents from being thrown about. Within seconds the explosive bolts on the pod fire releasing the shell to fold out into t he distinct starburst pattern. This allows all the marines and equipment to disembark. The gel used is of no consequence to the marine forces except that all the marines must wear helmets during the drop.

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