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Origin of Tyranids, A Discourse in Possibilities
Excerpt from Magos Biologis Adept: reports and debates

Origin of Tyranids, A Discourse in Possibilities
By Adept Magos Biologis Brage

What is the one thing which wholly differentiates the tyranidic race from all other known starfaring races? Some would say the so-called hivemind, others the lack of appreciable self-awareness in the lower forms. But the hivemind can be viewed as a communications grid and self-awareness is a double-edged sword. No, what I am speaking of harkens back to the ancient and unknown past, before the birth of man, perhaps before even the eldar or slann traveled the interstellar voids. Tyranids have no mechanical technology.

Throughout the entirety of their known civilization biological means are employed to perform tasks. It was long held that the ICE (internal combustion engine) was a requirement for significant advancement of race, but in stark contrast stand the tyranids. Consider the vast resources and data systems required by other races to venture into space, now for a moment imagine the tyranids evolving such ability, naturally. Why would such an adaptable race lack such basic tools? The answer appears simple once it is placed in the light. They were originally aquatic.

It appears nearly indisputable that ancient tyranids evolved within an entirely aquatic environment. Their reliance on biological systems for even the most basic tools and weapons lends itself well to this theory as all the required "manufacturing" parameters can be achieved. Without the ability to forge or fabricate materials evolutionary/developmental systems we have grown to hold as universal, fail miserably. The tyranids show us the error of this type of rigid thinking. Nearly all known sentient species have a society reliant on an amalgam of biological and mechanical components. The tyranids civilization likely began within some distant oceanic basin. What prompted the tyranids to expand into the universe is unknown. Sometimes biological components begin to be treated as mechanical ones. Mass manufactured and grown in nutrient baths, servitors, among other things bridge the gap between tool and creature. IF tyranids evolved to their current state by their own means they must have been particularly warlike in ancient times, perhaps several "strains" of tyranids co-evolved in a state of nearly constant competition for space and food. An evolutionary arms race which continued even into the vastness of space. If so have they become more ravenous in the passing eons? Continuing to hone the world stripping powers we have seen? Sending the vast resources of a planet back to the continuing wars in their homesystems? Magos Biologis Salk contends that the known size of hivefleets precludes any possibility of them utilizing the all materials taken, or even transporting them by any conventional means. So we must ask ourselves, what are they doing with the material? Why do they require such a unbelievable excess of materials? And most importantly, why is the cycle escalating?

Commentary on Origin of Tyranids, A Discourse in Possibilities
By Magos Biologis Salk

A compelling, if incomplete, analysis allow me to expand to some degree without going into the myriad of possibilities which exist.

While I will concede many of the points taken by the adept Brage, I feel there are several other scenarios which could explain the tyranidic biome. First it is conceivable that they are remnants of some ancient biological warfare project or "doomsday" creature in another galaxy, so completely self sustaining and adaptable that they have outlived their initial purpose and likely their creators. Genetically coded with the required "instincts" or datafiles, "hivemind" or communications systems and logistical data for transwarp travel between galaxies, they represent a weapon of unparalleled efficiency. Capable of destroying an entire planet in a matter of months rendering the constituents of the conquered territory down and returning it to their creators without even identifying the aggressor except by the weapon employed. The variance between hivefleets could be different incarnations of the system.

Also the reliance on biological systems could be a natural evolution or engineered warrior attribute as resources on their homeworlds dwindled. If you can create all the required tools using biological means the only requirements for continued efficiency are sustenance. Thus isolated troops become self sufficient, requiring no logistical support, self replicating munitions and transports, and psychic communication which is a significant tactical advantage. As Brage mentions the imperium employs some similar methods of cloning servitors and space marine organs.

Please continue to ponder this topic, consider that it may have a great deal of bearing on the methods used to defeat this menace. If they are a Bioweapon surely there exists a biological deactivation sequence we can use against them, unless the designers were Nihilistic in their views.

Magos Biologis Salk Director Of Xenobiology
Draco Legion Biomedical Research station: NewHallefuss