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Magos Biologis Data Files text files

Psychological Effects of the Avatar Paradox

Transcript of report to Inquisitor Wagner Lexan

Date: 177758.M41
Transmission: Herzor Secundus
Sent By: Astropath Prime Felnun
Astropath Terminus:Farez Mor
Received: 177760.M41
Code: Standard Incryption
Decoded: Cryptologian Kelah Imerane
To: Inquisitor Wagner Lexan
From: Magos Biologis Alkian, Dictator Psychic research New Hallefus
Subject: The effects of unusual terrain on Eldar entities

Inquisitor Wagner Lexan,

Greetings, I have received a copy of your request and your concerns regarding the adverse affects of the manifestations presence are well founded. I was able to find two auspex files which pertain the phenomenon in question and after analyzing them I feel I may be able to aid you in your decision.

In order to explain the manifestation designated "avatar" the minds of your troops attempt to force the stimulus received from their senses into something which they understand. This is a case of the square peg in the round hole, as the "avatar" is a psychic manifestation brought about by means unknown by the alien race known collectively as Eldar. The closest approximation to the image they perceive is something they think they understand, molten iron, steam raging fire etc... As a member of the inquisitional order I'm certain you realize that the mind has great difficulty interpreting images it can't classify. The results can be vastly divergent from shock and denial to mild insanity or delusion. In both the auspex recordings, there is no mass, Zero at the emanation point of the manifestation. No one who has observed the "avatar" will likely believe these readings but in the stark reality is these are the facts. The "avatar" is not a material being, but an entity composed of, theoretically, the combined psychic energies of the Eldar race in a similar manner to the way they employ psychic robots. However while lacking a true tangible physical form, the avatar is the locus of immense energies and able to manipulate these energies to achieve significant discharges and kinetic impacts. A Land Raider severely damaged by one such manifestation showed penetration and thermal output of the impact greater than standard Lascannon discharge an maximum.

So while the "avatar" appears to all viewers to be a massive semi molten construct it is in fact a psychic emission similar to abilities those of your order employ but on an even larger scale. The fact that it can be "injured" is attributed to the disruption of the focal points and lattice arrays which the entity uses to achieve material affects. Destroying such a creature is likely impossible.

Therefore the deep snow or ice would have no real affect on the creature but your troops may be even more disturbed by this fact as their minds would have great difficult reconciling the conflicting stimulus. I suggest avoiding introducing additional paradoxical images to the equation may be the best coarse of action, that and assigning a veteran squad with orders to target and eliminate the manifestation with all due haste.


We have uncovered old records that seem to indicate that our finding may be in err. These files indicate that the entity has some small mass of an alien psychic reactive substance which presumably is the focal point for the entities manifestation. Acting as a bridge between this world and another, an anchor in both allowing the entity to affect physical things. Thus is is conceivable that some damage to this locus would disrupt and "injure" the entity. 0-mass readings can be attributed to extraplaner translocation thus making systematic analysis of data dubious at best. I maintain that the information above should be used in either event as the desired effect will be reached.

Magos Biologis Alkian, Dictator Psychic research
Draco Legion Biomedical Research station: NewHallefuss