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Magos Biologis Data Files text files

Tyranid Ability to Locate Prey on Galactic Scale

Transcript of report to all commanders

+++Transmission Begins+++
To: Regional Commanders, All sectors
Received: Suppressed
Astropathic Duct: Argu, Segmentum Obscurus
Transmitted: Draco Legion Biomedical Research station: New Hallefuss
From: Magos Biologis Salk Director Xenobiology
Subject: Classified
+++Decryption Begins+++

Within the vastness of space, what is it that the Tyranids use to find suitable food sources or "prey".

Initial feelings were that they don't need inhabited planets. Even lifeless planets contain all the constituent elements of life but require the energy and mechanisms to form the complex molecules. Thus they are not the best food source due to the outlay of energy required to utilize the materials. Life bearing planets have already rendered significant amounts of elements into usable forms within the biomes saving the hive enormous amounts of energy. Thus they are the planets which would be preferentially selected, provided a method exists for the hive to determine this at nearly inconceivable distances.

Tyranids use psychic signals in the form of the hivemind for all known communication, and have highly developed psychic abilities common within all the encountered hive fleets. It may be that they were drawn to our galaxy by the signals from the astronomicon, permeating the void and being amplified and relayed across the vastness of space our beacon within the warp. It may have attracted the monstrous attentions of the tyranids. Perhaps the hive fleets. which enter imperial space are attempting to communicate with/ or retrieve the source of the signal thinking it to be another biological mutation of the hive which is lost or isolated. Or they may see it as an indication of a potential source of highly developed evolutionary materials. As psychics are considered a evolutionary derivative of normal human stock.

As evidence of the connection take the example of the first known encounter with the Tyranids. Tyran was a sparsely populated planet but had an astropath to communicate with the Imperium. The second planet in the same sector attacked was a relay station for astronomicon signals as well. These could be dismissed as coincidental, but space craft have also been attacked. Ships attacked all contain astropaths and navigators, all of these send recognizable signals over extreme distances and would indicate highly advanced life to anything interpreting the signals. The first indication of tyranidic activity is a loss of astronomicon signals and significant disturbance in the very nature of the warp. All those with psychic awareness have a sense of "wrongness" when within the boundaries of the hivemind signals. Likewise it is known that one of the mobile "worlds" used by the psychic aliens known collectively as the Eldar was attacked in the past

Imperial practices may enhance the chance of attack. When a ship looses communication it begins boosting the signal and transmitting more frequently attempting to reestablish it. This enhanced activity, once they are receiving the hivemind signal, may serve to draw the fleet to their location. We are unable to verify this independently. Project Shiva, is a proposal to test this theory among others. A coded transmission of the particulars will follow once all provisional arrangements are underway.

+++end Transmission+++