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Non-Marine Powered Armor Interface Options

Subtitle: Powered armor modifications to allow usage by non-marine personnel.

Translation from a cursory lecture by then Artificer Primus Keplar

The final implant of the space marine conversion requires many of the abilities of earlier ones to maintain the marine throughout the extensive procedure. The central nervous system shunts required for the implant are massive and deeply invasive. Those who do not have the bioengineered metabolism cannot withstand the shock and trauma to the CNS induced by the interface. This results in rejection, paralysis, madness and/or death with rare exceptions. These complex organic methodologies are critically detrimental to the neural stability of those how have not undergone the entire marine conditioning and conversion procedure. Thus to afford those within the Battle Sisters and Inquisition the ability to utilize the significant defensive capabilities of power armor, other methods of interface must be employed.

Non-organic bionic neural lattice and shunt systems are the preferred methods of interface. These may be implanted slowly over time and tended to allow complete acceptance by the host. While these are functional they do have a limiting factor of response time and bulk. This requires a partial reduction in the kinetic augmentation components within the suit. The wearer is forced to carry more of the mass burden of the suit. Battlefield tests have shown this to be an equitable tradeoff. While the Black Carapace allows the wearer to move as if the suit we part of him, just as strong and fast as he would be without its bulk. Those utilizing other methods experience no such effects. Bionics have been used (especially with regards to inquisitional authorities) to ensure that this doesn't produce an overwhelming difficulty on the battlefield. The use of Archaeotech is not unheard of, but I cannot comment on their effectiveness. As with all technology of that age there is an inherent lack of knowledge and risk factor. [note, feedback system suits are known to exist but fabrication methods are currently unknown. Thus these are not included within this synopsis]

A more complex and rare form of interface is known to exist. These are suits utilize numerous small dermal contacts which relay neural impulses from the muscles. This allows the armor to augment and strengthen the wearer rather than act as a hindrance. This type of interface requires no bodily modification and is most often seen in ceremonial armors.

It should be noted that without at least partial power to the kinetic augmentation systems within the suit, these armors would be more detrimental to the mobility and effectiveness of the wearer than the most prodigious carapace armors. Only the mightiest and most skilled warriors could maneuver effectively in battle while carrying the mass of this great and heavy armor. The effects and methods used to allow the functioning of tactical dreadnought armor are parallel in both scope and effects, relative to the optimum performance.

Translation from a cursory lecture by then Artificer Primus Keplar
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